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A specialist language service to cater for your particular translating, proofreading and interpreting needs.

My team of professional and experienced translators offers a quick and reliable service in a world where rapid communication is a key to success.

We cover many subject areas with well-qualified linguists translating into their own mother tongue languages. Please see the Languages & Subjects sections for details on how we can provide language support for you.

Contact us now for a quotation. Our rates are very competitive.

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With over 30 years of involvement in language services and a background in export sales

Jet Interlingual has the experience to assist companies and individuals with their translation and interpreting needs.

The team consists of reliable and highly competent linguists who are aware of the importance of confidentiality in their translations.

Where possible for ongoing work and to provide consistency of translation, the same well-qualified linguists are selected for their particular knowledge and translation skills.

If required, proofreading can be organised within the team of translators. However, it is always advisable for clients to involve their own overseas experts, who are directly connected and can inform us of any preferred special terminology that they know is used in their industry. We welcome such feedback!

I am happy to look into providing an interpreting service for business events. Rates for interpreting are subject to quotation and are exclusive of all travel expenses, accommodation and subsistence costs.

Jet Interlingual provides a fast and accurate translation service where meeting agreed deadlines is a priority.


I can help you with most European languages

I am happy to provide a quotation for any other languages not listed above.


Whether you are an exporting or importing company, a public relations business, an event organiser for an international trade exhibition or any other type of business, I can help you.

Skilled translators are used with experience in many business subjects including:

Please contact me for further information if your area of business is not included above and I will do my best to help you.

Translation and interpreting - what is the difference?


Professional translators work in their mother tongue languages and translate not only words, but also the ideas behind them as they understand the culture of the country.

They use a good range of dictionaries and other reference material to give as accurate a translation as possible of the source language.

One of the most important skills that good translators need to possess is the ability to write well in their target language.

The translation of marketing and advertising material, direct mail, questionnaires, technical brochures, business contracts, tenders, company reports and accounts, routine correspondence and websites.


Unlike translation work, interpreters have to communicate fluently between two languages on the spot and to do so without being able to refer to dictionaries or other material.

They need excellent listening skills and the ability to make idioms, colloquialisms and metaphors etc. understandable in the target language.

Good interpreters will always familiarise themselves in advance with the general subject relating to both languages.

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Jet Interlingual is delighted after many years to continue the link with the British Home Enhancement Trade Association BHETA representing home improvement (DIY), garden, housewares and small electricals suppliers.

Some satisfied customers’ comments:

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